BHUTAN - Paro to Paro

Bhutan is a tiny jewel nestled between India and China. Discover the deep roots of Buddhist culture and the amazing ecological diversity thriving within Bhutan’s boundaries on this fascinating journey in the Himalayas.

Drawing inspiration from its neighbor, Tibet, Tantric Buddhism has flourished and influenced art, crafts, and architecture for hundreds of years, and has shaped the Bhutanese way of life. Visit ancient Buddhist temples, enjoying the peaceful local prayers.

Visit monasteries, and hike to Taktsang – The Tiger’s Nest – a serene monastery that clings to a steep granite cliff far above the valley floor. Legend has it that the Guru Padmasamhava flew to this rocky cave in the 8th century on the back of a tigress to meditate. Step back in time as you adventure deep into the heart of Bhutan.

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