A Skirt Above the Rest

My relationship with skirts started when I was a little girl. My mom would dress me up in cute pretty skirts and I would love it. I had all sorts: lacy ones, colourful ones, short and long ones, ones with pockets and ones without.

One of my most favourite skirts I had was a red one with a black waist section. The material was thin and light, and written on it was the word Lambada. I would constantly dance in it, twirling around in my living room. It would flare out as I did so in the most lovely and satisfying way. I felt free and happy dancing in my red skirt, and it still remains intact in my parents' house as a memory.

It's funny how some pieces of clothing you connect with, and the stories and feelings that come with it can stay with you for your whole life.

As I got to the pre-teen age, I started feeling more self-conscious about my body and did not want to show my legs in public. At that time I stopped wearing skirts. My family members would sometimes make remarks that I should wear them more, but at that time I did not feel comfortable.

It took me awhile to get used to my developing body and gain the confidence to wear skirts again. I got there in my young adult life, and now I comfortably wear them whenever I want to feel pretty or elegant.

At the moment I am really into long flowy skirts and A-line skirts :) They are easy to wear and go with lots of tops. Come into our shop or check out online if there are any skirts for you!


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