Recycled Silk Yarn

Recycled Silk Yarn

 For many, silk yarns for knitting and weaving have become the most popular choice for creative expeditions. But why is that the case ? We think that the allure of silk yarn lies entirely within its mystery. Which is why, today, we will let you in on all its little secrets.




Where does  silk yarn come from ?

Essentially, yarn can be found in one of three forms: animal-based, plant-based, or synthetic. 100 % Silk Yarns fall into the animal-based category and are made from the cocoons woven by silkworms. The thread that the silkworm meticulously makes are carefully unraveled. Each cocoon ends up amounting to only one strand of silk thread. These individual strands are then attached to each other in order to reach the desired length of fiber. Finally, collective strands in varying thicknesses are interwoven to make a unique triad of yarn silk.


What is recycled Silk Yarn ?

Recycled silk yarn is a lovely fiber that also happens to help people and the planet. As the name suggests, recycled silk thread is made from recycled silk, specifically the waste silk from the making of clothes. The yarn is hand spun in Nepal, giving women a way of working and earning money.



A unique product !

Because the hanks of recycled silk yarn are made individually, each one is unique. Even if you buy two hanks from the same manufacturer at the same time, there's no guarantee that the colors are going to be the same.

This is the beauty of using recycled silk. Each piece has its individuality, and everything you make from the yarn is its work of art, completely unique.




What to do with silk yarn ? Recycled silk yarn is fun to use, and the funky nature of the yarn hides mistakes so it's a great yarn for knitters of all skill levels to use or for when you want to knit something simple but still have it look great.

Recycled silk yarn is beautiful in small projects like bags, wraps, sleeveless tops and other small items where you'd like some luxury.

At Gecko Gearz we proudly sell recycled silk sourced from Nepal, Penny personally hand picks all the yarn we sell in store. Please contact us today for colours in stock !

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  • Good evening. I recently purchased some of these balls of recycled sari silk yarn in the UK. I am now weaving it into a shawl / shrug. However I’m finding I do not have quite enough to finish it and need a ball or two to finish it. The colours I have are of a yellow / red /purple hue.
    Could you please get back to me with some pictures of the colours you have?
    Kind regards
    Mary McLean

    Mary McLean on
  • Hi I’m interested in your recycled silk yarn from Nepal. Could you please give me more details about the grams and price please. And the colours you have.


    Rebecca Walsh on

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