5 Great Reasons Why You Should Shop at Gecko Gearz

With our borders closed, suppliers' borders closed in Nepal, Covid ramping up in Nepal and no end in sight, this is an opportunity to assist an under developed country. Our suppliers in Nepal are feeling the effects of what is happening, and the ripple effect it is having on our shop is huge. If our suppliers are in trouble, so are we, and vice versa. We have a great relationship with them and want them to stay afloat.



1 Gecko Gearz is giving back to her Nepalese suppliers.

2 Basically the money will put food on the table. The prices of food are skyrocketing.

3 We support local small enterprises in Kathmandu, by travelling there every year to work with our makers to design a range of organic, ethically made garments. Not only will you be shopping for a good cause, but you will also be buying great quality garments.



4 Our clothing shop supports the sustainability of our suppliers, creates jobs and work opportunities for locals and their families. Plus, the things that they make are super cute, comfy and original!

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5 The atmosphere in Gecko Gearz is a great one. With friendly and passionate staff, we are always here to help you out and to have a chat about anything :)



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