Tibetan Singing Bowls




What is a Singing Bowl ?

A singing bowl is a type of idiophone, which is a musical instrument that when struck, shaken or scraped, produces sound through vibration. Singing bowls come in different sizes, ranging from a few centimeters to a meter in diameter. The smaller ones produce more delicate sounds, while the larger bowls produce deeper, full-bodied sounds.

Where are they coming from ?

Singing bowls are originally come from Tibet as part of a mediation and chanting rituatls. This also contributed to their health beliefs and healing practices.



How and why are they used ?

These bowls are often used in religious and spiritual settings, invoking meditation and relaxation. They can also be used in healing and for treating various illnesses through sound therapy.

The sounds singing bowls produce create a kind of energy medicine that is said to fix the broken frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Playing these bowls creates a centering effect, which causes the left and right sides of the human brain to synchronize with one another. Thus, various activities such as yoga and other forms of meditative practices employ singing bowls, as they have the miraculous ability to bring the listener to peace and calmness.




How does it work ?

The intention behind the work of singing bowls may be spiritually fueled, but there is an important physical component that also comes into play. 

Singing bowls work because of sound waves that are emitted when the bowl itself is struck with a  mallet. These vibrations are so significant and organized that they have the ability to shift different elements, like water, into creative patterns. 

Since humans are made up of a large amount of water, it comes as no surprise that a singing bowl could potentially have a significant effect on the vibrations of one’s body. Some practitioners believe that if we can make our own vibrations harmonize with those of a singing bowl, then the opportunities for balance and healing become endless. 

Attuning the vibrations of the body to the vibration of a singing bowl can bring about relief of stress, lowering of blood pressure, feelings of relaxation, and healing of imbalances within one’s system.




How to use a singing bowl

To play a singing bowl, one needs to rest the bowl in the palm of their hand whilst the hand is being flexed so that the palm is as flat as possible. You do not want your fingers to be involved in the holding of the bowl at all. 

With the other hand you’ll pick up your mallet and, with the head facing to the floor, give the bowl a solid tap so that the initial sound emerges. Immediately after the tap, begin maneuvering the mallet around the circumference of the bowl while keeping it firmly pressed against the edge. 

Continue to go around and around, using your entire arm as opposed to just your wrist. The frequency of the vibration will build with the movement, and, if done properly, the sound will continue to resonate for some time after you part the mallet from the bowl itself. 


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