Wool You Rather?

With winter season being here, staying warm is a top priority!

Wool is a great fabric for exactly that purpose. It is durable, thermally insulating, and works as it does for the animals, keeping you warm.

Fun facts about wool:

Wool is made up of about 97% protein and 3% fat, in comparison to cotton, which is made up almost completely of plant cellulose.

A natural waviness happens when wool is woven into textiles, which is called "crimp".

Air is trapped in between the waves, which gives wool its insulative properties.

There are more sheep, which is what wool comes from, in New Zealand than people!

At our shop, we have many lovely items made of wool from New Zealand sheep. The wool is exported to Nepal, where our suppliers use it to make hats, gloves, socks, jerseys, and other warm goodies. You can check them out on our website at https://www.geckogearz.nz/ :)


Every purchase of things made in Nepal helps sustain our suppliers and their families. We are happy and grateful to have such amazing people working with us to bring great quality products to New Zealand, and at the same time give opportunities for individuals and businesses to be part of the NZ marketplace. We hope to continue working with our suppliers in the future, and bringing beautiful items for you to enjoy!

Big hugs and stay warm!

Gecko Gearz

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